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Andrews running protection racket for rorting mates

Andrews running protection racket for rorting mates

Daniel Andrews has today doubled-down on the protection racket for his rorting mates instead of coming clean to Victorians.

The findings of the independent Audit Committee investigation into Telmo Languiller and Don Nardella were today presented to Parliament.

The Audit Committee concluded that despite claiming to live in Queenscliff and receiving a generous taxpayer allowance as a consequence, former Labor Speaker Telmo Languiller did not in reality live there.

The investigation also concluded that former kLabor Deputy Speaker Don Nardella had “no long term connection” with the property he claimed as his residence and his claims to live there were “arguably opportunistic, designed to ensure [his] continued enjoyment of the second residence allowance.”

Despite these damning findings, the Andrews Government continues to run a protection racket for its Labor MPs who rorted up to $250,000 from Victorian taxpayers.

Not only is Daniel Andrews refusing to kick these rorters out of Parliament, he refuses to refer the matter to Victoria Police, continues to block the release of the records which show the full extent of the rorting, and refuses to make Don Nardella pay back some $200,000 of taxpayer money.

Daniel Andrews has today definitively proven that he is running a sleazy, rorting Labor government that is more focused on helping themselves than helping Victorians.

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