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A new service to help victims of crime- Liberal National Government

A new service to help victims of crime

At the moment, victims of crime such as murder, terrorism, home invasion, emergencies, disasters and other critical incidents rarely receive the immediate support they need in the aftermath of a traumatic event.

It takes too long before formal victim support services are activated, despite it being well accepted that early intervention and counselling can help victims and secondary victims come to terms with the trauma they have suffered.

The Liberal Nationals will introduce a new Victims Support Rapid Response Service to fix this gap.

The Service will provide a mobile, 24/7 state-wide rapid response that will be on the scene soon after the traumatic incident to support victims then and there. It will also provide victims with access to ongoing counselling where needed.

The Service will be operated by the Department of Justice and Regulation Victims Support Agency and will co-ordinate on-call volunteer counsellors, multi-faith chaplains, psychologists and other trained professionals to provide the response.

In addition to stronger bail and sentencing policies, the Liberal Nationals have also announced other policies to provide more support for victims, including giving victims a more prominent place in court hearings and better access to compensation.

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