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Neil Mitchell 3AW- UFU and ACTU fire services campaign



25 MAY 2017,10.35am approx.

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Topics:  UFU and ACTU fire services campaign – “Fire doesn’t wait”



This is a complex expensive campaign, it’s very professional, and it’s sophisticated.  The TV ad, the radio ad, the website, the newspaper ad, they take weeks to prepare and yet we’re told to believe that the union only found out about the changes last Friday.

These ads were everywhere yesterday.  The website was up and running.

You don’t get a campaign like that together in four days.  It would be more likely to take four weeks and cost a fortune.

So supposedly Daniel Andrews only told the union last Thursday at the earliest but suddenly there’s a big campaign ready to go! Within days.

I give you a clue. The website, under the name, under the name ah what was it?  firedoesntwait or that name they’ve been using was registered on April 11.  April 11.  What’s that? A month before the announcement was made.

The website was registered, getting ready to go a month before we were told and supposedly before the union was told.  And guess who registered it?  A bloke called Peter Marshall.  We checked it.  Peter Marshall registered it April 11 and the ads we’ve been running are billed to the ACTU.

We’re being manipulated here.  I mean the cancer trick by the government was just disgusting.  This sleight of hand is just an insult to CFA members and I’d say to the public of Victoria.

The government and the UFU are in it together.

OK, let’s accept that, we can see that, it’s patently obvious through this orchestrated campaign that they started on a month before it was announced.  The government and the UFU are in it together.  Just admit it, just be straight with us.


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