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When will Daniel Andrews stop standing by Peter Marshall?

When will Daniel Andrews stop standing by Peter Marshall?

More reports in the media today of bullying of our brave firefighters by members of the thuggish United Firefighters Union (UFU) raises the question: when will Daniel Andrews stop standing by UFU leader, Peter Marshall?

We have seen a week’s worth of media reports detailing harassment and threatening behaviour by the United Firefighters Union.

So toxic has the UFU become that Daniel Andrews can’t even bring himself to say the name of its leader, Peter Marshall, let alone admonish him.

Daniel Andrews has gone to war with the CFA because of Peter Marshall and we have the ask the question: why?

What does Peter Marshall have over him?

The women and men of our fire services risk their lives every day to protect us yet Daniel Andrews is failing to protect them.

At the next election Victorians will have a clear choice, Premier Daniel Andrews who in his failure to condemn the bullying condones it, or Premier Matthew Guy who will stand up and protect our protectors.

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