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Dodgy building licences put Victorians at risk

Dodgy building licences put Victorians at risk

 Daniel Andrews must go after dodgy builders who put Victorians and their family at risk through questionable and dangerous construction practices.

 A Victoria Police Investigation, reported today in the Herald Sun, found 400 building licenses were issued to unfit builders between 2013 and 2015. These builders are reported to have completed construction work worth tens of millions of dollars, putting Victorians in harm’s way by compromising expected safety standards.

 It is reported the licenses were obtained by falsifying documents with fake work histories and fraudulent references and that builders seeking phony licenses used a broker to apply to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Those seeking such licenses may have paid up to $10 million.

 Once the builders were recognised in Queensland, they received mutual recognition in Victoria.

 The Victorian Building Authority have rightfully said they will audit all work conducted by these allegedly dodgy builders. So they should, but this is not enough.

 Labor, led by Daniel Andrews, must immediately act to fix the problem.

 I call on the Government to stop the issuing of dubious licences, punish those who have exploited Victorians and review any loopholes in the mutual recognition process with Queensland.

 We must ensure the highest standards and practices are upheld in Victoria’s building industry. To do anything less means more hazardous construction, threatening the safety of all Victorians.  

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