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Presumptive Rights Legislation

Presumptive Rights Legislation


The Liberal Nationals will fast track Presumptive Rights legislation by introducing a Private Members Bill to ensure all career and volunteer firefighters will have equal access to cancer compensation.

On 28 October 2015, the Liberal Nationals signed a pledge to commit to presumptive rights for all Victorian firefighters.

But despite this bipartisan support, Daniel Andrews cynically bundled presumptive rights with his legislation to break up the CFA.  Daniel Andrews did this knowing he did not have the numbers to pass his legislation and knowing this likely would delay access to compensation for firefighters with cancer.

It’s time for Daniel Andrews to stop playing politics with the health of firefighters and support a bipartisan approach.

Each and every day, our CFA volunteers leave their families to fight fires, saves lives and keep us safe.

The Liberal Nationals will protect those who protect us.

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