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Craig Lapsley admits ‘response times no better’

Wednesday 16 May 2018

 Craig Lapsley admits ‘response times no better’

At PAEC today the head of Victoria’s emergency management, Craig Lapsley, admitted that CFA response times will not improve under Daniel Andrews’ plan to restructure the fire services.

If we aren’t going to see any improvement in emergency response times, Victorians are right to ask why has Daniel Andrews put the CFA through all of this pain.

When asked if four career firefighters in an FRV uniform would respond to an emergency faster than four career firefighters in a CFA uniform, Craig Lapsley simply stated no.

After more than three years of Daniel Andrews and James Merlino tearing apart the CFA which has seen a reduction of volunteer numbers by 2600, it is now clear that this has all been about a secret political payback to Peter Marshall and the UFU.

We now know the proposed legislation is not about improving community safety but all about a union political power play.

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