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Daniel Andrews is making lying an art form

Friday 18 May 2018

Daniel Andrews is making lying an art form

You know Daniel Andrews is politically desperate when his office doctors transcripts of Liberal candidates.

This afternoon, Daniel Andrews put up a Facebook post where he took the first half of a sentence of a new Liberal candidate and omitted the second half of the sentence, where the candidate immediately corrected himself.

This is the relevant part of the transcript:

Journalist: “If we could just go to energy rates first. Ah what do you see as some of the big things that need to be done to encourage those energy prices to fall?”

 Kilmartin: “Yeah well…ah, you know…firstly…the ah…we’re going to allow gas fracking which is…ah…going to be good…without, oh sorry, without, no fracking sorry.”

Daniel Andrews has been caught out lying on rorting, on wasting $1.3 billion for tearing up the East West Link contract, and now he’s been caught out falsifying transcripts.

This is a panicked and desperate Premier who is giving everyone a taste of the dirty campaign Labor will run. If Daniel Andrews and Labor aren’t lying, they’re rorting.

The Liberal Nationals’ policy is cheaper gas, no fracking.

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