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NEIL MITCHELL: Hey, first thought. Just what’s going on here? What are we not being told about crime in Victoria?


I heard the police report with the breakfast boys early this morning, the police said ‘Oh it’s been a quiet night’. In fact, complained about being bored. Well I’ll tell you what you are not being told and this, this is a start.


This is from the overnight official police report. This is the stuff you are not being told. I’ll take it in chronological order. I’ll tell you that there have been shots fired, multiple aggravated burglaries. Not a quiet night at all. So the spin machine is telling you there was very little crime overnight. The police spin machine, all they mentioned was a couple of missing people, a brawl in Werribee and sadly a pedestrian killed in South Melbourne. That, that’s what they tell you was happening overnight.


Well this is what my sources tell me really happened overnight or some of it, in chronological order. 9pm last night, armed robbery. View Road, Springvale. Four African males armed with what was believed to be a handgun, stole a woman’s mobile phone. So armed robbery, handgun.


10 o’clock last night, aggravated burglary. Mildura. It’s right across Victoria. A couple in their 80s, in their 80s. Forced entry into the house. They’re in the house, not knowing what was stolen.


Another aggravated burglary. 10:30 last night. Kurung Drive, Kings Park. Woman in the house with a 4 month old baby. So it’s gone from the 80 year olds being victim to a four month old baby. Woman confronted by a man with a bat. Her purse was stolen, she chased him as he left the house. So he tried to run over her, as she, as he escaped. Strueth, nothing happened overnight did it? There’s more.


Eleven o’clock. Shots fired into a shop. Olsen Place, Broadmeadows. Nothing happened, we’ve said shots fired.


2:40am, burglary. IGA supermarket, Brunswick. Cigarettes stolen.


3:10am, another aggravated burglary. Goodwin Court Corio. Woman home alone in the house. Jewellery, cash stolen.


3:30, another aggravated burglary. Same street, Corio. Man fled. Dogs called in. Man arrested and then 5:10 this morning. Man arrested, Patterson train station. Armed with a sword.


So this has been a quiet night in Melbourne. That’s just some of what they didn’t tell you. Four aggravated burglaries including a woman with a baby, a couple in their 80s. Shots fired, guns waved. A man with a sword. This is a quiet night. Now either it was an error by the police, a silly mistake and they didn’t know what had happened. Their reporting system doesn’t work or there is a deliberate attempt to downplay what happens in this state on an average Tuesday night. I don’t know which it is but whichever, it’s not good enough. When this happens we should know.

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