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FAST FACTS – Neil Mitchell on hospital waiting lists

FAST FACTS – Neil Mitchell on hospital waiting lists

 “I was talking earlier to Kylie Smith um she’d had appointments at Box Hill Hospital they’d be shoved back regularly. She misread another cancellation, turned up for an appointment, the waiting room was empty, she sort of convinced the receptionist to let her talk to the surgeon. The surgeon said look I’ve done nothing all day, we’ve been told to take, not to take new outpatients because they want to keep the waiting list under control.

 Now we’ve since spoken off air to a doctor from Monash who says the same thing is happening at Southern Health.

 There’s a sort of a conspiracy to dodgy up the waiting list figures.

 I’m told only cancer patients are getting new appointments, most of the other surgical divisions have been told to stop taking new appointments. Just review existing cases.

 Makes the waiting list look better. What a coincidence in the election year. We’ll do some work on that and come back to it Monday” – Neil Mitchell @11.35am

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