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Statement from the Leader of the Liberal Party

Thursday 6 December 2018

Statement from the Leader of the Liberal Party

It is a great honour and privilege to be elected Parliamentary Leader of the Victorian Liberal Party. I thank my colleagues for their confidence and support.

I congratulate Deputy Leader Cindy McLeish, Legislative Council Liberal Leader David Davis and Legislative Council Deputy Liberal Leader Georgie Crozier on their election. We are a strong united team that will lead the Liberal Party in the 59th Parliament and I look forward to working with them.

I’m a proud Liberal. I joined the party in 1989 because I identified with core values of the Liberal Party: individual liberty, reward for effort, the rule of law, environmental stewardship, a strong economy, a cohesive society, protecting the vulnerable, and limited, effective government.

Liberals believe in opportunity; that every individual should be able to achieve their potential.

Liberal values are positive values. They are mainstream values. They are inclusive values.

We will work together to reset the way we engage with the Victorian community following this very disappointing election result.

We have a challenging road ahead of us in the wake of the loss of a number of talented Members of Parliament from our party room.

We have been sent a strong message at the ballot box, including by many former Liberal supporters. That message will be heard. Change will result.

However, my respect for the Liberal Party’s history is surpassed only by my optimism for its future.

I am excited by the opportunity for renewal and change that lies ahead. I am confident that both the Liberal Party and Victoria will be stronger for it.

In Parliament, we will never forget our obligation to stand up for our electorates or for those forgotten by the Andrews Labor Government.

Victorians deserve a strong, energetic Opposition that will keep this Labor Government accountable. We will make sure this is done.

I wish to thank Matthew Guy for his service as Victorian Liberal Leader. Matthew has been an outstanding leader, colleague and friend. The Parliamentary Liberal Party owes him, together with his wife Renae and their three sons, a debt of gratitude for the tireless work and sacrifices made in the interests of the Liberal Party and the people of Victoria.

I also thank outgoing Deputy Leader David Hodgett, Legislative Council Leader Mary Wooldridge and Legislative Council Deputy Leader Gordon Rich-Phillips for their service to the Parliamentary Liberal Party.

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