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Labor ignores calls for bin tax freeze in Casey and Cardinia


Tuesday March 5 2019

Labor ignores calls for bin tax freeze in Casey and Cardinia

The Andrews Labor Government has rejected calls by the Liberals for a freeze on Victoria’s bin tax until the current recycling crisis is over.

Treasurer Tim Pallas was asked in Parliament this week if he would ensure that Victorians wouldn’t be forced to pay more tax due to the Andrews Governments incompetence in managing this crisis.

He refused to do so.

The Andrews Labor Government is cashing in on the kerbside recycling crisis in Casey and Cardinia at the expense of ratepayers.

Not only is the recycling that Victorians dutifully place in their recycling bins being dumped into tips across the state, but as more waste goes to landfill, the more money the state government collects in tax.

The Municipal and Industrial Landfill Levy, or bin tax, is charged per tonne of waste dumped into landfill.

With tonnes, and tonnes of recycling going to the tip, the Andrews Labor is cashing in by collecting more, and more bin tax.

“Due to the incompetence and inaction of Daniel Andrews and his Environment Minister, the City of Casey and Cardinia Shire Council don’t have anywhere for their recycling to go,” Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley said.

“The Andrews Labor Government has never met a tax it doesn’t like.”

“Casey and Cardinia are being forced to stockpile collected recycling, or dump it in landfill. Shadow Minister for Local Government,” Tim Smith said.

“Local residents shouldn’t be paying more in tax to the Labor State Government just because they are incompetent.”

“It’s beyond belief that the Andrews Labor Government would seek to cash in on their own incompetence, slugging local residents with more tax, just because they have failed to act on this recycling crisis,” Liberal State Member for Gembrook Brad Battin MP said.

“The right and decent thing to do is to put a freeze on the bin tax until this government has fixed its recycling debacle.”

“The Andrews Labor Government should immediately commit to ensuring that residents in Casey and Cardinia aren’t charged more for their recycling to be collected.”

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