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Ombudsman’s investigation into solitary confinement and young people

Monday 4 March 2019

Ombudsman’s investigation into solitary confinement and young people

The Liberal Nationals welcome the Ombudsman investigating the use of solitary confinement involving children and young people in Victoria.

Under Daniel Andrews and Labor, the Victorian Youth Justice system has lurched from one crisis to another with escapes, riots and the trashing of youth justice facilities occurring on a regular basis.

Previous inquires, such the March 2018 Upper House committee inquiry into youth justice centres in Victoria found that:

“Youth justice centres are required to follow policies when placing young people in isolation. The Department of Health and Human Services’ record keeping regarding the use of isolation in youth justice facilities was highly deficient.”

As a result of this shoddy record keeping, it was impossible to find out how often young people were being placed into isolation in youth justice facilities.

It’s time the Victorian community was told the truth about what exactly is happening behind the doors of our youth justice centres.

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