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UFU boss fights for his salary, not firefighters

Tuesday 30 April 2019

UFU boss fights for his salary, not firefighters

Firefighters will be outraged when they arrive at work today to protect our community knowing that Daniel Andrews’ mate, the UFU boss, Peter Marshall is being paid over $400 000 a year.

Union leaders are supposed to fight to protect their members’ rights, not line their own pockets by receiving an income 4 times higher than the workers they represent.

When union leaders are in positions of power for a long time it often becomes more about their personal power than about their members.

Peter Marshall has used this personal power to tell Daniel Andrews what to do and attack CFA volunteers.

Union bosses like to say they are fighting against the top end of town but it has now been revealed that Peter Marshall earns more than those he says he’s fighting against.

Daniel Andrews and Bill Shorten continue to back this controversial union leader who despite being on an extraordinary salary is still greedily fighting for more.

Peter Marshall was elected by firefighters to protect their workplace rights, not use union money to gain an extra million dollars for his own retirement.

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