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Labor’s purses empty for Gembrook electorate.

Monday 27th May 2019

 Labor’s purses empty for Gembrook electorate.

 Today’s 2019-2020 State Budget delivered by the Andrews Labor Government has no money left for the Gembrook electorate and fails to even deliver on their election commitments.

Daniel Andrews has failed to provide significant funding for vital community services, needed in the fastest growing communities in the state.

Last November Daniel Andrews arrived in his big red campaign bus to Gembrook to reveal that Pakenham would be ‘level crossing free’ under Labor, but he has failed in his first budget.

Despite promises they would be a priority, today’s budget failed to identify any funding or construction timelines for the removal of these dangerous level crossings.

Beaconsfield commuters miss out as Labor failed to match the Liberal’s $1.1 million commitment to upgrade Beaconsfield Station failing to provide funding for greater facilities for commuters with a disability and the much-needed toilets.

To make things worse, Labor has only left Beaconsfield with only broken promises, failing to provide any money for the 150 car parks and CCTV package Daniel Andrews promised at the November Election.

Our local schools are the biggest losers in this budget with Labor failing to deliver $5.2 million to a vital upgrade of Emerald Secondary College’s maths and science rooms to create a STEM Centre, again the hills area are neglected.

Gembrook Primary School students will still be unsafe as Labor fails to deliver the much needed flashing 40km school zone speed signs.

All Gembrook has been handed in this year’s state budget is broken promises and tax increases.

Communities will be frustrated with Labor’s broken promises, increases in debt and increases in tax.


Comments attributed to Liberal State Member for Gembrook Brad Battin MP:

“Daniel Andrew’s has run out of money and in order to pay his bills, he has turned his back on the Gembrook electorate cutting his election promises.”

“The Labor Government talk about being fair- there is nothing fair in this State Budget with the Gembrook electorate going without so Labor electorates can be rewarded.”

“Daniel Andrews and Labor have been proven time and time again they will say and promise anything to get elected. Now Labor is in Government and unable to afford their promises the Gembrook electorate have had their promises broken.”

“For the past four years, Gembrook has been ignored by Labor; today has shown nothing has changed with Daniel Andrews ignoring the great need for vital community services all in the name of politics.”

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