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Morwell CFA Volunteers sent packing


Thursday 2 May 2019

Morwell CFA Volunteers sent packing

Today Daniel Andrews has stood idly by as volunteer firefighters are thrown out of the fire station they have proudly served in for decades.

Due to ongoing tensions arising from Daniel Andrews’ war on the CFA, Morwell volunteer firefighters have been left with no choice but to leave their station.

CFA volunteers who protect the community and expect nothing in return except respect have been sold out by Daniel Andrews who is more interesting in protecting union officials than volunteer firefighters.

We know Daniel Andrews is planning to tear apart the CFA as soon as the federal election is over.

His attempt to tear the CFA apart in 2016 cost Bill Shorten seats in Victoria.

Daniel Andrews’ silence is deafening when it comes to standing up for our invaluable CFA volunteers.

Daniel Andrews’ needs to guarantee that CFA volunteer will not be evicted from other fire station across Victoria.

If he won’t, it begs the question: is this all just part of his plan to destroy the CFA?

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