Minister fails to answer questions on Clyde North Police Station


So far over 500 local residents have contacted me, concerned about the failure of the Andrews Labor Government to deliver the Clyde North Police Station – promised four years ago. Back in February, on your behalf in Parliament, I asked the Minister for Police directly to come and meet with residents to explain the delay.

The Minister has now provided her written response to the request. Read below for the question and the Minister’s answer, and you will see that the Andrews Labor Government continues to ignore your concerns and refuses to meet with you.

I will continue to hold the Andrews Labor Government to account of their failure to represent you for the last four years. I look forward to the opportunity to be your representative following the election on 26 November this year.

Hansard Extract

Question Asked: 24 February 2022

Clyde North police station

Mr Battin to ask the Minister for Police — 

(6238) My adjournment is for the Minister for Police, and the action I seek is for the minister to come out and meet with a group in Clyde North to give an explanation to the residents of Casey as to why they have to endure four years of empty promises from the Victorian Labor government around a police station for Clyde. Now, the minister was more than happy and the government was more than happy to be out in the media talking about their plans to put a new police station in Clyde North. They spoke about the fact that they had the funding—they were all ready to go. Everyone around the community got excited, and what we see now by speaking to people in that area is that not even the contracts for the land are signed. They have not even signed off on the location for where this new police station is going.

People are complaining down there about speeding and hoon driving. We have had issues with some violence in the area. We have had home invasions. In a construction area—obviously most would know the amount of construction going on through Clyde North—the number of people who have had items stolen from building sites is astronomical. We had at one stage a report from the RACV that one in 19 properties throughout Clyde North was broken into or had reported theft from it within a 12-month period—one in every 19. This area needs and deserves to have a fire station—sorry, a police station. They do deserve a fire station as well; that is something else that was promised to them. They do deserve a police station down there. We have had over 500 contacts in our office—residents in Clyde North who have come to our office—asking why they have not got a police station in their area when they have been promised it for so long.

Clyde North, like Berwick South, has been represented by Labor for at least eight years, and in the Narre Warren South area it is 20 years. Unfortunately those areas have not had a member of Parliament that has lived locally in that area for that time. The current member for Narre Warren South, as we know, lives closer to the city. The former one lived out in Mount Martha. These people do not understand what is happening in those communities, because they do not live in those areas. They do not see what is happening. They do not see the people hanging around on the street and the kids hanging around on the street.

Ms Allan: On a point of order, Speaker, I seek your guidance on how reflections on other members of Parliament—

Mr Battin interjected.

The SPEAKER: Order! The Leader of the House is raising a point of order.

Ms Allan: I seek your guidance on how reflections on where other members of Parliament reside, have their personal residence, is in any way relevant to the adjournment matter that the member is asking. He is asking for action on a particular issue from the Minister for Police and Emergency Services. Where members of Parliament choose to live with their families is a matter for them.

Mr Battin: On the point of order, Speaker, it has every bit of relevance for our democracy, what we have here in Victoria, when members of Parliament choose not to live in their electorate, in the area that they represent. If they choose not to live there, it is very difficult for them to understand—

The SPEAKER: Order!

Mr Battin: Sorry, you only cut one off. It is very difficult for them to understand the consequences of what happens in those communities—

The SPEAKER: Order! I understand the member for Gembrook’s point of order. The member for Gembrook can resume his seat.

Members interjecting.

The SPEAKER: Order! The member’s time has concluded in any case.AnswerAnswered: 22 March 2022

Minister‘s response:

The Victorian Government is delivering on its commitment to build a state-of-the-art police station for Clyde North, with $34 million allocated for its construction under the Community Safety Statement 2019-20. Land acquisition for the Clyde North Police Station is underway and is expected to be completed shortly.

Clyde North continues to be well serviced by the existing police resources in Southern Metropolitan Region Division 3, including the 24-hour Cranbourne Police Station. I can further advise that 225 additional police officers have been allocated to the Dandenong Division, which services the Clyde North area, since 2016.

The construction of the new station at Clyde North is part of the single biggest funding boost in the history of the Victoria Police force, with more than $3.8 billion investment in policing delivering 3,135 new sworn police officers, as well as state-of the-art intelligence systems, new technology, new and upgraded police stations, and stronger laws.

Hon Lisa Neville MP

Minister for Police

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