Alarming crime increase in Cardinia and Casey.


Today?s crime statistics highlight the damaging result of a Government more concerned withParty branch stacking than protecting Victorians.

Alarmingly at the same time Daniel Andrews and Labor are fending off allegations of corruption, Labor has seen an increase in criminal offences of 13.1% in Cardinia and 7% in Casey.

729 offences were recorded in Pakenham alone, with the largest increase occurring in local homes. Burglary, thefts and home invasions form part of this increase, and our homes should be a place we the safest.

Worryingly over half of the recorded incidents occurring in Cardinia and Cardinia go unresolved, denying their victims justice. With Casey only seeing 27.5% of incidents with charges laid and Cardinia 33%. This is why at the 2018 State Election there was commitments to build a new police station in Casey with more police, a commitment Daniel Andrews appears to have forgotten.

With crime up by 18.2% since Daniel Andrews has been in government, one thing is becoming clear, Victorian is falling victim to a government that is more concerned about internal allegations of corruption than protecting residents of Casey and Cardinia.

Quotes attributable to Brad Battin MP Liberal State Member for Gembrook:

?Today?s alarming figures in Casey and Cardinia is the result of a Government and Premierwho has been more focused on Labor Party branch stacking than protecting Victorians?

?Maybe if the Government used their resources since 2014 on proactive measures to combat crime instead of allegedly using them for Labor Party activities we would be talking about a reduction in numbers today.?

?Casey and Cardinia residents deserve better. Families have enough to worry about at the moment with COVID-19 they should not have to worry about safety in their own home.?

?Daniel Andrews and the Labor Government are in complete chaos and are continuing to lose control of crime in Victoria, especially in growing suburbs of Casey and Cardinia.?

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