Andrews stands by his own record – and it’s not good- Georgie Crozier MP


Thursday 10 March 2022

Engulfed in a bullying scandal, the Premier has told Parliament he stands by his record.

Shadow Minister Georgie Crozier says it’s a record he should not be proud of.

“A hundred thousand Victorians not able to get the surgery they need – Victorians dying waiting for triple-zero calls to be answered – a mental health crisis deepened by six long lockdowns, curfews, and school closures.”

“Along with that, his record on his treatment of women is worrying.”

“This is not the first time the Premier has been accused on shameful treatment of women who stand up to him.”

“Remember what happened to Jane Garrett, to Marlene Kairouz, to Jenny Mikakos?”

“The Premier is yet to apologise for calling Kaushaliya Vaghela ‘that person’.”

“This is not a record Daniel Andrews should be proud of.”

“The Premier and his Minister for Women are now engulfed in a bullying scandal rather than being focused on the recovery and rebuild Victoria so desperately needs.”

“The Liberals and Nationals have committed to cutting the hospital waiting list in half in our first term of government.”

“We have a plan to fix the mental health crisis.”

“This government is tired, out of ideas, and engulfed in scandal.”

“It’s time to change the government so Victoria stops falling behind.”

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