CFA volunteers left fending for themselves


Hard-working Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteers are being hamstrung by the State Government’s failure to provide sufficient access to Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits.

Despite volunteers putting themselves in harm’s way every day to protect local communities across Victoria, they have been left to source their own RAT kits.

A lack of RAT kits has resulted in significant delays for volunteers to return to stations and provide the support local communities and families need each and every day.

This is a shocking indictment on the Andrews Government who have consistently failed to provide CFA volunteers for adequate resources and supplies.

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Brad Battin called for the State Government to step up and support local CFA teams to stay safe and operational.

“CFA volunteers work tirelessly to protect the community. The last thing they want is to unknowingly pass COVID-19 on to fellow volunteers or the public.”

“This is an easy fix – give CFA volunteers and brigades easy access to RAT kits so they can keep themselves and the Victorian public healthy. It is not too much to ask.”

“Time and time again, Daniel Andrews treats CFA workers in Victoria with utter disdain. This approach puts the safety of everybody at risk, and it must stop.”

This is just another slap in the face to volunteers that give up their time and effort, and do not seek reward in return.

All these volunteers are seeking is the recognition they are important and are respected. It’s time Daniel Andrews stopped denigrating CFA volunteers and instead supported them.  

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