Costs spiral, community safety under threat because of Daniel Andrews’ botched fire services reforms


Friday 19 November 2021

The 2020-21 Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) Annual Report reveals the true cost of Daniel Andrews’ secret deals with Peter Marshall and the United Firefighters Union (UFU).

For years the community has heard of Daniel Andrews’ secret deals to get the support of his mate Peter Marshall at the 2018 State Election and the financial impacts are staggering:

  • Total staff increased 67.8 per cent due to the merging of CFA/MFB paid career staff,
  • Employee expenses up 80 per cent year on year to $756 million,
  • $72 Million in overtime costs,
  • Executive Officers remuneration increased 160 per cent to $21.2 Million,
  • Cost of consultancies has increased by 74 per cent and,
  • Almost $1 million in ‘relocation expenses’.

Outside of the financial cost to the Victorian taxpayer, there is also a personal safety cost being borne. Buried deep in the report, it was revealed that:

  • FRV conducted NO fire education and risk reduction programs in the community (in person or online) – the target was 250
  • FRV missed their target for engagements with Local Government Areas by their community safety team by over 33 per cent
  • FRV missed target for specialist capability staff by 38 per cent

Daniel Andrews promised Victorians that he would create a fit-for-purpose fire service that Victorians could be proud of. All he has done is deals with Peter Marshall and UFU management, which has cost Victorians when they can least afford it.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Brad Battin:

“Daniel Andrews will claim record investments when the report highlights more waste and less outcomes, this is how Labor operate.

“The financial report is a staggering example of the lengths Daniel Andrews will go to win the favour of his union mates. The Premier has happily hit Victorians where it hurts, all to win some votes.

“The fire services reforms have been botched from the start, and now the Victorian public can see for themselves just how badly it will impact them.”

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