Daniel Andrews continues to ignore the triple-zero crisis


During Question Time today, Daniel Andrews refused to reveal whether he had read Graham Ashton’s report into the failings of ESTA, despite it sitting on his desk for weeks.

The Premier instead launched a tirade of personal insults toward the State Opposition, and refused to say whether the report would be made public as a matter of priority.

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Brad Battin, said Victorians deserved the truth about why ESTA had failed under the Andrews Labor Government’s watch.

“Daniel Andrews’ choice to insult the State Opposition rather than answer the question only further insults those who have lost loved ones as a result of the failings of our health system.”

“Families have lost loved ones while waiting on hold to triple-zero, and the Premier won’t even take the time to read the report.

“Victorians deserve better than a Government that refuses to read reports, make them public, and be accountable for its actions.”

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