Gary Maas, Daniel Andrews and Labor try to hoodwink the community.


The state budget should be about the services and capital delivery for the local community, not an opportunity for Gary Maas to mislead people to cover up the fact Labor for decades has failed the South-East.

Any new funding in school projects, or in the Casey Hospital that Labor are talking about would be supported by the communities that need them, but in Mr Maas media and social media he misses a few things.

  • The Casey Hospital upgrade funding is set to be delivered in 2027 – that is two more elections away
  • The Kambrya School funding is all based on trust us. There is no detail other than it will not be completed until – you guessed right before the 2026 State Election year.

It is time to put truth back in the discussion, and Mr Maas must come clean, we all know why there is no new funding in the growth corridor in 2022/23, Labor has run out of money. After years of mismanagement and putting billions on the state credit card, they are now short on money to deliver services.

Quotes attributable to Brad Battin MP- Local Liberal State Member of Parliament

“In our community people are worried when you call Triple Zero you may not get an answer, when you need an ambulance it may not show up or when you need elective surgery you are at the end of a 100,000+ waiting list.”

“The Andrews Labor Governments cruel joke to upgrade Casey Hospital only if you vote for them two more times is as political as it gets.”

“Casey and Cardinia deserve better, it is time to send a strong message in November and put Labor last on the ballot paper where they continue to put you.”

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