I Believe

In family

Not everyone’s family is the same, but family is the foundation of your values, your beliefs and your commitment to give back to the community. My family encourage me every day to give more and celebrate what we have.

Freedom of the individual

People work hard to achieve positive outcomes for their family and their community. You know what is best for you. The power is in your hands to aim high and don’t be restricted in what you can achieve. When you achieve your goals, you inspire others to achieve theirs – and that is a positive for everyone.

The future

The next generation are always told they are not up to it, but the young people I have met along the way give me confidence that we have a bigger, brighter and more sustainable future coming.

Small government

Government should never compete with the private sector, and more importantly they should get out of the way. The private sector is the best place to find innovation, create jobs and build the economy. Government should encourage the private sector to grow, create jobs and encourage a sustainable future.


You read that correctly, I believe in people who are willing to have a go. I believe the Government must support those who most need it. A strong and stable economy is dependent on each person doing their bit. This is good for our future, good for our environment and good for our community. The best way forward is for government to encourage you to achieve.