Koo Wee Rup Road Pakenham missing in Labor’s 21/22 state budget


Labor’s 21/22 State Budget handed down today has failed to list Labor’s overdue Koo Wee Rup Road upgrade as a line item 

State Liberal Member for Gembrook Brad Battin MP explains; “Whilst Labor is happy to brag of their commitment for over two years in front of the cameras, they are still failing to commit to making the project a line item in their state budget.”  

The absence of the project that was promised at the last election in 2018 and its completion pushed back by the government due to a change in their funding model leaves room for the government to make further changes.  

Mr Battin states “not listing this essential project as a line item in the 21/22 state budget further proves how Labor continually does not see this upgrade as a priority. Labor believe changing the speed limit is enough of a safety upgrade, the community knows it isn’t’ 

The lack of transparency on the funding for the project and its estimated completion has Mr Battin very concerned. 

“Following the loss of three lives on this road just this year you would have thought the state government would ensure the project was a top priority for this year’s budget. 

Not having the project as a line item could mean Labor has further plans on changing the funding model again, causing further delays for the project.”  

Mr Battin is calling for the Andrews Labor Government to list their funding arrangements and the construction timeline for the project immediately. 

“How many more lives have to be lost on this road before the Labor Government make this upgrade a priority, enough is enough” state, Mr Battin. 

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