Labor electorates favoured for bus services in Casey and Cardinia.


Labor has continued to ignore residents vital need for bus services in Cardinia, favouring Labor electorates with their latest bus route announcements.
Residents were shocked and disappointed to hear Labor MP for Bass and Cranbourne boasting of the governments two new bus routes 888 and 889 to accommodate for new growth.
This comes after years of unheard calls by residents in Pakenham and Officer for amendments to current bus routes, and bus stops.
Goldcare Retirement Village along with the support of Beaconhills College, Outlook and residents in surrounding estates have been pleading the Government for 4 years for an additional bus stop on route 925. The Minister told residents to use their volunteer-run minibus.
Further, over 1000 students and their families at Officer Secondary College have been calling on the Government in the past year for a bus service for their students who currently are unable to get to school via a public bus service. Despite simply wanting an amendment to current bus routes, students and parents have been simply told ?no?.
With the Member for Cranbourne stating ?We are delivering new bus options for people in Melbourne?s fastest-growing areas,?- it seems they are only delivery for Labor electorates.
The Andrews Government need to show they are not favouring Labor electorates in the growth corridor when it comes to bus services and immediately deliver a bus service for Officer Secondary College and an additional bus stop on Toomuc Valley Road for route 925.

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