Labor holds Emerald Secondary College funding hostage.


Labor’s 21/22 State Budget handed down today reveals a $4.8 million shortfall for Emerald Secondary College’s much-needed upgrade.

The shortfall and revelation the project is not expected to be completed until after the 2022 election has outraged State Liberal Member for Gembrook Brad Battin MP explaining

“Emerald Secondary College has already had to wait several years for Labor to listen to their cries for new facilities after they failing to match the Liberal’s 2018 election commitment, to now see they will have to wait until another election for the full funding for their upgrades is unacceptable”.

The state budget has revealed that only $695,000 of the total $5.5 million for the project has been allocated to the school.

This shortfall comes after the Labor Government failed to release a full state budget in 20/21 leaving out the essential capital works budget paper.

Mr Battin believes “this enormous funding shortfall and delays in the completion of works for Emerald Secondary College is probably why the Labor Government refused to release their full budget papers last year as they did not want to reveal how shallow their announcement was to the Emerald community.”

It is disappointing the project has been held hostage until the next election” continues Mr Battin.

Mr Battin is calling the Labor Government to provide the full funding for Emerald Secondary Colleges upgrade before the next election, securing the project.

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