Labor lets SES down


The Andrews government is failing to provide hard working SES volunteers the equipment they need to carry out their work.

Because of safety concerns, fewer volunteers are able to be carried by Light Rescue trucks, meaning it’s much harder for SES units to respond to emergencies.

This shortfall couldn’t have come at a worse time with the busy holiday and summer season fast approaching.

This is a shocking indictment on the Andrews Labor Government and will have massive consequences. One unit alone has attended over a dozen road rescues this year, and that is without the Christmas rush.

The Andrews Labor Government has consistently ignored calls by SES units for more funding for trucks and storm response capability. The only real program available to SES units – the Victorian Emergency Services Equipment Program (VESEP) – is limited and makes further development of SES units difficult.

The Andrews Labor Government needs to pull their finger out and properly-fund SES units so Victorians can have the emergency response services they deserve.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Brad Battin:

“SES volunteers work tirelessly to protect the community and with the support they deserve, this crisis could’ve been avoided.

“This should be a straight-out fix with a proper funding package, not with a smoke-and-mirrors grant program that looks good on paper but is severely limited.

“Time and time again, Daniel Andrews treats emergency service volunteer organisations in Victoria with utter disdain. This approach will cost lives.”

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