Labor MP put Politics before Sole Traders


Labor MP?s in Casey are putting?politics?before?representing?the?sole traders in their electorates, leaving one of the largest sectors, especially in the South-East?on their own during COVID-19.??

This morning in PAEC Labor MP Gary Maas had a golden opportunity to call on his own Labor Government to support the thousands of sole traders in Casey and Cardinia, instead of placing politics first and ignoring the crisis. 

Mr Maas had nearly 10 minutes of allocated time to ask on behalf of local sole traders who are losing their businesses daily ? ?What support can the Government offer these hard-working locals?? 

The Parliament Public Accounts and Estimates Committee is a vital tool to hold the Government to account, and during questioning today, the Treasurer could not point to any support for sole traders in our community. 

The Government?s negligence of sole traders was highlighted further when the Labor Member for Cranbourne Pauline Richards, questioned the Minister for Jobs on support for business, but forget about sole traders.  

Thousands of sole traders and their families in Casey have invested years into their business only for the Government to fail to provide any support for them when they need it the most. 

It is disappointing with three Labor MP?s, including a Cabinet Minister, representing Casey are not calling on their Government to support desperate sole traders and instead, put their politics first.  

Quotes Attributed the Liberal State Member for Gembrook Brad Battin MP 

?Just this week, I have spoken to people in my community who are about to lose everything they have. I am sure Mr Maas and Ms Richards receive these calls to their offices. If they were interested in supporting their community, they would have asked the questions today.?  

?I know Mr Maas is most likely working from home in his inner-city apartment. While in his electorate businesses are struggling, jobs are going, and his community is feeling the painful impact of the second wave created by the poor handling of the hotel quarantine.? 

?Gary Maas, now more than ever, must commit to standing for the community he was elected to represent, because his questions today were written by the Minister, for the Minister, proving this man stands for nothing but politics.? 

?The Labor Members for Casey are showing more and more each day that they will place politics ahead of their community. The Government must provide urgent support for sole traders who are currently being left behind.?  

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