No third jab mandate


The Liberal and Nationals oppose Labor’s proposed third jab mandate for parents – when will it even end?

We should educate, not mandate.

Confirmation that parents face being locked out of school grounds and events unless they receive a mandatory third vaccination is a threat to community recovery across the state.

Over the last two years, Victorian students have lost up to 171 days of school across eight consecutive interrupted school terms.

Countless school events including fates, carnivals, sporting festivals, plays and presentations have been cancelled, damaging school communities and keeping local families apart.  

A recent survey confirmed that 83 per cent of Australians had either received or planned to get a booster, whilst infectious diseases experts call for a re-evaluation of mask mandates in schools.

Now is the time for a sensible path forward, not more back-to-the-future 2020 and 2021 style mandates, restrictions and lock outs.  

Victorian parents don’t need to be told what to do and understand how keep their children safe and school communities on track to recover and rebuild.

The threat of lockouts and more mandates is unnecessary and will only further divide communities and hold back our recovery.  

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, David Hodgett:

“Parents and school communities need a common sense approach to stay open and safe, not more mandates, lock outs and restrictions.

“If third doses are mandated, what’s next? A fourth? A fifth? Where does this end?

“Now is the time to educate, not mandate and work with families to keep kids in classrooms and school communities together.”

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