Nothing left for the South-East


Today’s state budget showed that Labor’s $24 billion in major project blowouts has left nothing for the growing Casey Cardinia community.

Zero dollars will be spent on new projects in Beaconsfield, Berwick and Clyde North this year.

No money for the needed Beaconsfield Railway Station and no new money for roads and we know why, Labor is out of money.

Residents in Beaconsfield will be left waiting out in the cold again with Labor failing for a fifth time to match Brad Battin MP’s and the Liberal’s 2018 commitment. Residents in Casey will be left to sit in traffic with no money for any new road duplications or intersection upgrades.

Sporting facilities are not on Labor’s agenda for the South-East with empty promises for sporting facilities in Clyde North to remain unfunded.

The 2018 hollow election promise from Labor for a police station is further delayed with the government only now admitting they have money to purchase land with the project not expected until possibly after the 2026 election.

It came as no shock that local projects have become the casualty to Labor’s billions of dollars in major project blowouts and increasing wages of the Premier’s media and social media staff.

Quotes attributable to Brad Battin MP- Local Liberal State Member of Parliament

“Labor promised 4000 ICU beds – never delivered, Clyde North Police Station – never delivered, Clyde North Fire Station- never delivered – All election promises, none delivered, you can’t trust the Andrews Labor Government to deliver for the south-east”

“The lack of delivered essential services in the south-east region is a direct result of the area not having local representation for last two decades. Every Labor Member elected locally does not live locally, they don’t understand our community.”

“Casey Cardinia residents are sick of Labor giving empty election promises. When will Labor stop spinning and start delivering?”

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