Liberals to rebuild and restore Victoria?s iconic CFA

An elected Liberal Government will rebuild and restore the Country Fire Authority (CFA) which has been destroyed by the Andrews Labor Government.

Within the first 100 days of being elected a Liberal Government will introduce legislation to restore the CFA?s power to select, recruit and manage its own staff and wear the CFA uniform. Legislation will enhance the CFA?s powers and responsibilities for the ongoing delivery of fire services in current CFA areas.

A Liberal Government will consult with Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) and CFA brigades across Victoria to identify the essential powers, people and resources that are needed to rebuild and restore the CFA.

The commitment would reform the Country Fire Authority Act to require that all members of the CFA Board must sign up to, and be bound by, the Volunteer Charter.

It would also mean the appointment of an independent Commissioner for Emergency Services Volunteers, within Emergency Management Victoria (EMV), with the power to investigate issues raised by volunteers, make recommendations on policies and practices, plus general dispute handling and arbitration powers.

The 2018/19 CFA Annual Report showed that 206 operational volunteers resigned that year and Victoria had lost 3,955 operational volunteers since Daniel Andrews started his war on CFA volunteers in 2014.

While the Andrews Labor Government continues to wage his war with volunteers, a Liberal government will get on with restoring the CFA and protecting its volunteers so that they can protect the lives and property of millions of Victorians.

Comments attributable to Brad Battin MP Liberal State Member for Gembrook:

?The resignation of another CFA Chief and leaked cabinet documents show Daniel Andrews? 5 -year war with volunteers is far from over, pandering to his union mates and continuingly ignoring the voices of 54,000 CFA volunteers.?

?Our CFA volunteers have been the lifeblood of our community for 75 years, volunteering their time to protect the community, constantly putting their lives on the line for us. T hey deserve better.??The CFA deserves to be a truly independent volunteer organisation and continue to have the ability to select and employ their staff and only a Victorian Liberal Government will deliver it.?