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1. Securing Your Personal Finances

2. Rebuilding Local Economies

3. Building Better Communities

4. Keeping Your Family Safe

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This is not a plan for the next election; Victorians can’t afford to wait that long.

This is our Plan for immediate action by the Andrews Labor Government so that Victoria can rebuild from the damage done by COVID-19 to our jobs, our communities and our lives.


Victoria’s economy was already underperforming prior to this year’s bushfires and the outbreak of COVID-19.

Our unemployment rate was above the national average. We were halfway to a recession with economic growth going backwards in the December quarter.

The Budget was in deficit to the tune of $1.1 billion to 31 December 2019 – that is, before the state faced bushfires and COVID-19

On top of this, net debt had doubled under Labor when we were already the highest taxing state in the nation.

Currently, our unemployment spike is the worst in the nation.

The Andrews Labor Government must deliver.

It is the responsibility of the Andrews Government to take strong action to help Victoria recover, not just leave it all to the Federal Government.

But the ability of the Andrews Government to properly fund an economic recovery is compromised by the rapid increase in debt it built up before COVID-19 hit.

Before COVID-19, the Andrews Government had already doubled net state debt.

Now, net debt is on track to more than triple to $74 billion by 2021.

Too much debt, too high taxes and a budget deficit means there is nowhere to move.

Post-COVID-19, Victoria needs a real plan to Get Back to Work and Back in Business.

The time for rebuilding is a time for bold and constructive ideas to transform Victoria into a jobs powerhouse.

Good, well-paid and secure jobs will give people back the income and security that is needed to rebuild their lives.

View out detailed plan here


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