The Victorian Parliament is located on the intersection of Spring and Bourke Streets in East Melbourne. The west facade of the building has sweeping steps, elegant lamps, and a grand colonnade that suggests solidity and strength.

Spring Street has been home to the Victorian Parliament since its construction first began in 1856. Since then the building has undergone construction to include a well-resourced library, Queens Hall and gardens.

Victorian Parliament is made up of two houses, the lower house where I and members of the Legislative Assembly sit and the upper house, where members of the Legislative Council are elected to.

State Parliament is where Victorian laws are made and passed. Legislation usually begins in the lower house and is then reviewed by the upper house, and if passed it receives royal assent.

Why not take a virtual tour of the Victorian Parliament building or learn more about its incredible history and why it is located where it is today.

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If you are interested in knowing what I have said on various issues in parliament, please have a look at my speeches.

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