Priorities all wrong under Andrews Labor Government


Footage over the weekend showing thousands of people at a festival in Mornington not social distancing or wearing masks has shown the absolute hypocrisy of the Andrews Labor Government?s COVID-19 restrictions. 

The government won?t allow spectators at community sporting events or allow our Anzac day parade to go head, but they deem a jam-packed music festival COVID-safe? 

How is the risk level for thousands of people dancing and singing, less than that at a local rowing tournament where patrons aren?t drinking and are social distancing? 

The Liberal Nationals are again calling on the Andrews Labor Government to reveal its health advice.  Victorians deserve to know how the government is choosing which events can go ahead and which can?t.  

From day one, Daniel Andrews? inconsistent COVID-19 rules have left the community confused and afraid.  Victorians need certainty and clarity.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

?It?s an absolute joke the Andrews Labor Government can allow music festivals to be held with thousands of people, but in the same breath, cancel the Anzac Day march in April. 

?The question that really needs to be asked is – why is there one rule for some and another for everyone else??

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