Statement from the Shadow Minister for Police and Community Safety


Victoria’s road toll is not just a number, it is someone’s father, son, daughter or mother, and an increase in a year of lockdowns is not acceptable.

The Andrews Labor Government again talk about a review and a new strategy, when what we need is action.

Today, the Liberal National parties call on the Andrews Labor Government keep Victorians safer on our roads by;

  • Reinstating the bipartisan Road Safety Committee.
  • Fix and rebuild our rural road network after decades of neglect.
  • Increase road side drug testing by 1000 per week to remove dangerous drivers from our roads.
  • Increase education for young drivers to ensure they are safe on our roads.

These actions will help save lives and reduce road trauma.  

For too many years Labor has sat by and neglected roads across regional and metropolitan communities making driving more dangerous in Victoria.

Instead of another review by a Government into its eighth year, Daniel Andrews needs to take real action to ensure Victoria’s road toll does not go from bad to worse in 2022.

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