Statement on Minister for Police’s Minister’s Statement


Today during question time, Minister for Police Lisa Neville MP misled the house. 
During her minister’s statement on Victoria Police, Ms Neville claimed that the Liberal Nationals Coalition delivered no extra Police or Protective Services Officers (PSOs) when last in Government. 
Ms. Neville seems to have a very short memory.  
In the lead up to the November 2010 Election, the Coalition promised 1,700 extra police officers and 940 PSOs over the Parliamentary term.  
Through the work of Minister for Police at the time, the Hon Kim Wells, that is exactly what we delivered. The work of the Liberal Nationals Coalition represented the highest number of recruits and PSOs in training at the Academy at any time in their storied history. 
For the current Minister for Police to conveniently ignore that fact is disingenuous and nothing other than an attempt to play politics. Victorians deserve better than a Government that plays politics with facts, and that is what a Liberal Nationals Government will provide on November 26 2022. 

Brad Battin MP

Shadow Minister for Police.

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