Take a look at these amazing local businesses

Think Local, Support Local

During COVID-19 local businesses have struggled, and this means less jobs to support local families.

The best thing we can do to help out the local economy is to ‘Think Local, Support Local’ and help our local economy return. Each dollar you spend, think about what you are buying and is there an alternative to support a local store, or buy a locally made product. Every purchase helps and together we can ensure we are in the best position to recover faster.

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate...

Vic at Berwick Gluten Free and Chocolates knows a thing or two about our favourite food and speciality lollies. If you are looking for Dr Pepper, gluten free sweets, gluten free pastas or a gift hamper to put a smile on someone’s face, then you need to visit Vic in the Berwick Arcade.

Berwick Gluten Free and Chocolate shop is open Monday to Friday 9 to 5 and Saturday 9 to 2. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Shanikas, enough said

Nino and the team at Shanikas in Berwick offer great food, but better service. Pasta Tre Carne is the favourite in the Battin house or the traditional bolognese and a nice Italian vino.

This team have found new ways to keep the amazing service going during these times so no local person has to miss out on a Shanikas feed during COVID-19. You all know how good it is, so I will stop writing here.

Emerald Bakery, yes it is famous for a reason

The team at Emerald Bakery work hard all night so you have the freshest products every day. This local bakery, made famous by having a variety of products, so there is a guarantee you’ll find something to your taste.

The coffee is so good cyclists ride up the huge hills in the Dandenong Ranges to sit and enjoy a latte out front and soak up the community atmosphere that is Emerald.

Faith and community, more important than ever

Faith for many people is more important than ever, it is the connection for some to normality and gives hope for tomorrow. Thank you Harpreet and the team at the Siri Guru Nanank Darbar in Officer for chatting about the importance of the Sikh temple, staying connected and serving the community. 

There are many religious organisations in the Gembrook electorate who do so much to support the community and we thank them all.

Better than Christmas at Myer

That is right, you saw it here, our local family pottery Robert Gordon Australia, took over the Myer windows with their partnership with Bromley&co. It was a special time for the Gordon family, and for all their staff. The Myer windows are an icon every December, but on this occasion I think it was my new favourite.

Well done to Sam, Bobby, Kate and Hannah, you guys should be proud of the work you do to keep jobs local.

Keep fit with Infinity PT

Ok, I admit my bias here, my wife trains at Infinity PT and talks up how awesome the trainers are, how good the equipment is, how clean the place is all the time, and how much she hurts the day after a great session.

The team at Infinity are COVID-19 ready with Zoom classes to keep you powering through the lock-down to stay physically and mentally fit.

Bring some delight to your iso days

Bakers Delight not only bake fresh daily, but will give you a fresh smile daily for no extra charge. The range at Bakers Delight from the super healthy Lo-gi products to a pane di casa that is amazing with your homemade pasta sauce or the cape seed loaf to the traditional sweet finger bun. 

Bakers Delight not only serve you great bread, but support many local jobs in our community – for that we say thanks.