Union shouldn’t be gifted control of Victoria’s firefighters


The United Firefighters Union Management (UFU) is lobbying for a new fire registration board that will be owned and controlled by the Union, potentially giving it control over who Fire Rescue Victoria can employ.

The Premier and his office, allegedly under investigation by IBAC for their dealings with the UFU, must come clean.

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Brad Battin said community safety was being put aside in favour of pleasing union management.

“Handing Peter Marshall and the United Firefighters Union management the power to dismiss those who speak against him is a gift too far,” he said.

“Daniel Andrews and the Emergency Services Minister must rule out this board until Operation Richmond is public, and any corruption exposed.”

In 2019, Daniel Andrews forced through an EBA that gifted union ally Peter Marshall with the now infamous ‘Consult and Agree’ clause, which meant union management must agree to key decisions before proceeding.

Gifting a union the power to dismiss fire fighters who speak up is a step too far, and will destroy our fire services in this state. 

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