The Liberal Alternative for Victoria


The Victorian Liberal alternatives to Labor’s use of blanket statewide lockdowns to combat COVID-19

Deploy rapid testingWaiting 24-48 hours for a test result is too long- 15 min results would allow contact tracing to occur more rapidly, minimising the possible further spreading of the virus. Rapid testing already occurs in our court system, this needs to be expanded.

Accelerate Victoria’s production of mRNA vaccines to provide 50 million doses.

Lockdown by postcode: Lockdowns should be a last result, and limited to the affected postcodes, not the entire state.

Fix contact tracingOverhaul contact tracing management and systems, and source a new lead from successful teams in other states.

Release health adviceall public health advice is to be released to ensure transparency, full accountability and independent scrutiny. There is no reason for public health advice to be hidden.

Restrictions based only on released public advice: all restrictions are based only on the released public health advice.

Better targeted vaccinationsProactively identify gaps in the vaccination program, such as Victorian teachers.

Lockdowns lifted faster: Lockdowns must be lifted immediately once less damaging measures can replace them.

Have a dedicated Mental Health Specialist in every school as our kids return to the classroom for Term 4.

The Victorian Liberals have developed a sensible plan to safely get kids back in the classroom and to give hope to students for a return in time for the commencement of Term 4.

This plan includes;  

  1. Priority vaccination of all willing teachers.
  2. Only close schools on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Redirect wasteful spending on blown out mega-projects to improve ventilation and make classrooms COVID-Safe.
  4. Employ rapid antigen testing as a key screening tool.
  5. Treat schools as bubbles and stop restricting activities where there has been no proof of transmission.
  6. Promote mask wearing, social distancing and appropriate hygiene.
  7. Listen to the experts to continue to strengthen COVID-Safe schools.  

A Victorian Liberal Government’s plan forward:

AN immediate end to curfews;

VCE students to return to classrooms now;

ALL schools to reopen by day one of term 4;

NO more lockdowns after 70 per cent of the eligible population is vaccinated, in line with the plan agreed by National Cabinet

RAPID testing at major events;

SOCIAL- interaction bubbles to allow low-risk outdoor gatherings;

STRENGTHENED border bubbles

ALL Victorians to be allowed to return home from interstate.

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